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Offering You A Same Day Service

At Garden Mole Removal Ashen, a part of Pest Control Essex we offer you a professional Mole Control Service throughout all Ashen and surrounding areas. We are a friendly team and all our Pest Controllers are fully qualified, you will also find our prices very reasonable as we are a not a large national company.

Pest Control Essex can also be with you the same day for any Garden Mole problems you may have and we do not believe in call out charges, the price that you are quoted will be the price that you pay. We talk you through each step of the way and advise how to deter Garden Moles from your property in the future.

Even if it’s just advice that you require on Garden Moles, just pick up the phone and our friendly Pest Control Essex team will be at hand to help and advise you. A professional and Discreet Service will be offered to you at all times.

Call Our Garden Mole Control Team at Pest Control Essex Today On: 01245 327 274.

About Garden Moles

Moles can be quite a nuisance as they will start digging up heaps on your lovely garden lawn, very annoying and this can happen overnight. Molehills spring up when the tunnel systems are being enlarged in preparation for the breeding season or when the moles are extending or repairing existing tunnels. Actively digging throughout the year the mole establishes a large network of underground tunnels which become its habitat and feeding runs, there may be little evidence above ground of its presence.

One solitary mole can cause considerable damage, although they are often referred to as being solitary and territorial and not tolerating others; our experience has proved that several can be active in one area. Up to 20 moles have been caught in an area the size of a square acre. Moles are aggressive and will fight over territories.

Mole control is needed when their digging activities cause damage to the root system of plants which affect growth. Lawns develop ridges and the grass will often die off due to the disturbance caused whilst excavating their shallow runs.

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